Releasing Your Limiting Beliefs

In this episode,  Jane takes us on a transformative journey with a specially designed five-day challenge aimed at liberating ourselves from the limiting beliefs that block our creative potential. Here are the key takeaways and highlights from the episode:

  • Understanding Limiting Beliefs: Jane opens up the conversation by delving into how limiting beliefs, often rooted in our childhood, can act as barriers to our creativity and joy. She sheds light on how influences from parents and societal norms contribute to the formation of these beliefs.

  • The Challenge: Jane presents a unique five-day challenge designed to empower listeners to identify and challenge their own limiting beliefs. The goal is to not only recognize these beliefs but to question their current validity and relevance in our lives.

  • Guided Meditation: The episode features a guided meditation session, carefully crafted to support listeners in pinpointing the self-imposed restrictions that need to be addressed and overcome.

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