Lessons From the DayDream Apothecary Outlaw Masterclass

Welcome to the Art Fusion Podcast, where creativity meets mindset and entrepreneurship. In this episode, host Jane Bellante share the lessons she learned from being a speaker at the Daydream Apothecary Outlaw Masterclass.

Main Themes:

  • The nurturing atmosphere at the event promoted acceptance and personal growth.
  • Jane talks about overcoming her own insecurities and encourages self-expression.
  • The episode focuses on the transformative impact of stopping negative self-talk.
  • Listeners are urged to break free from self-imposed and societal constraints.
  • The podcast discusses the importance of following creative passions and building value-driven businesses.
  • Jane emphasizes the necessity of taking risks and cherishing unique ideas without the fear of judgment.
  • Advice given to question the default strategy of being omnipresent on social media to avoid burnout.
  • Embracing an “outsider” mentality is suggested as a means to inspire and lead others.

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