Mastering the Art of Balance: Business Success on Your Own Terms

In this episode, we delve into the heart of harmonizing the professional hustle with personal well-being. Special guest Teresa Rene is the Owner of Decoupage Queen and the creator at Teresa Rene Art  shares her journey, and all of her challenges running the business.

Here are the key takeaways from our conversation:

  • The Work-Life Equilibrium: Discover how Teresa Rene navigated the tricky waters of setting boundaries without sacrificing customer satisfaction. Learn about the transformative effects of establishing a clear division between work time and personal time on overall success.
  • Brand Evolution: We talk about Decoupage Queen's brand evolution, highlighting how personal artistry was integrated while maintaining the brand’s core image. Insights into the evolution of a brand that started with seeing a gap in the market, and how she expanded include her own personal creative flair.
  • Creative Materials and Collaborations: Explore the diverse range of crafting materials that play a role in Decoupage Queens product line. Hear about the enriching experiences gained from partnerships with fellow artists and how these collaborations have enhanced the brand’s offerings.
  • Supporting the Creative Community: Teresa Rene and Decoupage Queen finds joy and purpose in aiding other creators. The significance of community in the creative industry and how helping others can lead to unexpected avenues of business growth.
  • The Drive for Knowledge and Persistence: The importance of determination and continuous learning in navigating the business world. Tips on how to stay committed to self-improvement and why it’s crucial for entrepreneurial success.
  • Future Aspirations for Decoupage Queen: Hear about Teresa Rene's vision for expanding the business and how she balances between growing a business and nurturing individual artistic expression.

Join us for an inspiring session that will motivate you to redefine success on your own terms, highlighting that you can build a thriving business while honoring your personal life and artistic integrity.

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